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WATCH: Mike Krzyzewski discusses Kevin Durant’s maturation, excellence

Nothing like some advice from one of the greatest coaches in the history of the game.

Basketball - Olympics: Day 1 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s impact on the game of basketball needs no introduction and that impact has carried over to lifetime Longhorn Kevin Durant, courtesy of his time with Team USA.

In the midst of his third stint coaching the world-class talent over the past decade, Coach K shared some thoughts on Durant’s maturation, his recent decision to leave Oklahoma City for the Golden State Warriors, and Durant’s excellence.

"He's even better now because he's very competitive," Krzyzewski said of Durant. "A little bit more vocal, and is a good teammate."

Coach K went on to discuss Durant leaving Oklahoma City and how the decision noticeably affected Durant, saying he’s a guy that doesn’t necessarily need to be liked, but wants to be respected; some feel Durant lost his renowned respect for bolting to join the team that knocked the Thunder off in the Western Conference Finals.

"That decision knocked him back, I think, a little bit.

"Even the people who say they do not like you, they respect you,” Krzyzewski said of his message to Durant. "And if they don't they're knuckleheads because then they don't respect excellence."