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LOOK: Notre Dame Club of Austin creates ‘Messin’ with Texas’ T-shirt

Well, they’re not wrong.

Buoyed by a history of success against the Texas Longhorns, Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans based in Austin are ramping up the trash talk heading into the season opener on September 4 with a T-shirt that will sting a bit for the burnt orange faithful:

ND Club of Austin

The shirt retails for $18 in the preorder, with proceeds benefitting the organization’s scholarship fund.

So at least it’s for a good cause.

The content of the shirt is hard to argue with, too, as the ‘Horns have experienced struggles on the magnitude of losing to the Fighting Irish against only one other school — the Vanderbilt Commodores, oddly enough, with three wins and eight losses.

On a smaller scale, the only other comparisons are the BYU Cougars (1-4) and USC Trojans (1-4).

Coming off the 38-3 beatdown in South Bend last year, the best the ‘Horns can hope for now is to start changing that narrative by kicking off the 2016 season with a victory.

Until then, the official advice of BON is to be friendly to any Notre Dame fans spotted wearing this shirt in Austin (or any others, for that matter) by extending the hospitality for which Texas is known, even if that friendly smile has to fight through a grimace first.

(h/t to Mike Barnes of KVUE)