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Kossuth Aggies unveil new steer logo following trademark complaint

This just had to be done.

Back in May, Burnt Orange Nation pointed out what we called "sacrilege" as Kossuth High School in Mississippi was combining the Texas Longhorns logo with the Aggies nickname, which in turn, came to the attention of lawyers at the university.

Consequently, Texas issued a cease and desist letter informing Kossuth High School of it’s need to change, or at least alter its logo. And then people in the state got #madonline about it.

And now, behold, Kossuth High School has modified its logo after three months of design work.

The updated school logo in all its glory can be seen below, with noticeable modifications to the horns, top of the head and removal of the logo’s ears.

Twitter: @DailyCorinthian

Kosuth High School Principal Travis Smith told the Daily Corinthian, "It took three months, but an agreement has been reached and Kossuth High School can now move forward."

The school will immediately begin using the new logo on t-shirts and stationary and will begin to transition away from the old logo on signage and uniforms. Texas has allowed as long as five years for that to happen.