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Daily Round Up: Texas Will Beat Notre Dame

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Notre Dame V Texas

Charlie Strong may know who he plans to start at QB but he isn’t telling: Strong doesn’t want to tip off Notre Dame.

Strong was pleased with the team’s performance in the last scrimmage: We are less than two weeks away from the opener and things are looking good, according to Strong. The best news? Trent Domingue can make those clutch kicks.

The Smoking Musket previews Texas: The Mountaineer blog believes Texas will be a better team in 2016 and he Horns will beat WVU in a close contest.

The Dallas Morning News has some bold Texas predictions: Texas will beat Notre Dame and will finish in the top-3 in the Big 12.

Texas is still rich: The Texas football program makes more money than some NFL teams.

Notre Dame will play two QBs against Texas: Irish head coach Brian Kelly will play senior Malik Zaire and junior DeShone Kizer. Texas fans should be familiar with Zaire since he the quarterback in last year’s game.

What took them so long: Sports Illustrated has laid off Thayer Evans.

The Baylor football team is back in the news: First the Baylor program had sexual assault issues; now a player has been caught on video abusing his dog.

Every team needs an outstanding lockdown corner.