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Daily Round Up: Another Reason To Love Charlie Strong

charlie strong spring game

Shane Buechele is on the rise: Buechele impressed everyone this spring and he has a good shot to lead the team this season.

In case you need another reason to love Charlie: Strong stopped by Longhorn band practice to thank them for all they do.

Police Blotter.

Notre Dame has some issues: One has been dismissed and five others were arrested in two separate events. Common sense seems to be in short supply in South Bend. The Irish were ranked No.10 in the AP’s preseason poll.

Read Optional.

Bob Bowlsby should just pick two schools and end this: SB Nation’s Peter Berkes has a list of possible Big 12 expansion teams. In case you need a timeline to keep up with expansion, the mother ship has you covered.

Mitt Romney seems to be making good use of his free time: Romney is pushing to get BYU in the Big 12.

Texas and Florida lead the U.S. in the number of football recruits: Jake Sharpless of Rukkus created a map of the geographic origins of college football recruits.

A college football fan has way too much time on their hands: Someone on the Interwebs made a Lego movie of Michigan State’s last-second win at Michigan.

Berkeley wins again: Cal wins the Rio 2016 Olympic games hands down.

Only in the SEC: Two professors have created a ‘Religion of SEC Football’ class.

Why should you root for (insert team name here): There is no good reason to ever root for Baylor.

This is your feel-good story of the day: A little league coach visits the mound to tell his son that he loves him.