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Four recently-arrested Notre Dame players will be available vs. Texas

Gun charges for three of the players and marijuana charges for all four won’t keep them from playing in the season opener.

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NCAA Football: Notre Dame Spring Game Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

While Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly was swift in dismissing senior safety Max Redfield over the weekend after a Friday evening arrest with four of his teammates, Kelly was much more lenient with the other four players charged in the same incident, all while expressing his fatherly disappointment.

So all four are currently set to be available for the season opener against the Texas Longhorns in Austin on September 4.

Cornerback Ashton White was driving a car with running back Dexter Williams, linebacker Te’Von Coney, and receiver Kevin Stepherson and was allegedly speeding with an improper taillight.

After being pulled officer, the officer eventually found marijuana and an unlicensed handgun. Redfield, Stepherson, and Williams all face charges for the gun, while White joins the other four with a marijuana charge.

The biggest lost for the Irish is Redfield by a wide margin, and it’s still possible that the school could impose a penalty against the players, but for right now, the other four are practicing with the team and getting ready to face off against the ‘Horns in 10 days.