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WATCH: Jerrod Heard discusses move to WR in latest camp report

The mentality of this team is different, that’s for sure.


With the Notre Dame season opener just over one week away, the Texas Longhorns Practice Report series continues. In the Week 3 edition, quarterback-turned-wide receiver Jerrod Heard and star linebacker Malik Jefferson were the feature talents, as Heard went in-depth on his move to receiver and Jefferson discussed the team’s mentality and head coach Charlie Strong.

"It was kind of like a natural thing," Heard said on his move to receiver. "I was really mentally prepared for it. I felt like I was athletic enough to do that package deal."

It’s certainly still possible we see Heard in some packages at quarterback throughout the season, but if the film we’ve seen from practice thus far is any indication, the move to receiver was in fact, a natural thing.”

But more importantly, with the season now nine days away, what’s the team’s mindset with a top 10 Notre Dame team coming to Austin for a nationally televised game?

"I think the team is just focusing on every day taking one step to get better….guys have been very focused on what they want to accomplish here, together, as a unit."

"What I see in coach Strong's eyes is I see passion, and I know he cares about this team and I know he wants success," Jefferson said. "So when he looks back at us, he sees passion, and that's what gonna be our big key this year."