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Texas linemen Patrick Vahe, Buck Major now also out with injuries

Not good news considering Notre Dame’s defensive front has some NFL talent

Texas athletics

A Texas offensive line that’s already seen projected starters in center Zach Shackelford and tackle Tristan Nickelson fall victim to injuries took another hit today, as left guard Patrick Vahe reportedly suffered an ankle injury.

The severity of Vahe’s ankle injury is still unknown, but in any case, with Notre Dame only nine days away, any injury is certainly unwelcome news. With Vahe, Shackelford and Nickelson currently out, the Texas starting offense line is without three of it’s five members, which is far from encouraging considering Notre Dame features two future NFL talents in the trenches in 320-pound nose tackle Jarron Jones and 290-pound strong-side defensive end Isaac Rochell.

Vale started the first 10 games of last season before missing the final two due to injury.

Additionally, per hit Facebook, redshirt freshman tackle Buck Major is now out with an injury, that seems fairly significant judging by the picture.

The former three-star prospect may have not seen much time in the rotation in 2016, regardless, but now losing reserves with more than half of the starting line sitting out with injuries of their own before the season even starts isn’t ideal.