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Daily Round Up: Aggypedia!

Kansas v Texas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Since Strong won’t tell anyone, we have to guess: Strong did not hand out a depth chart at Monday’s presser and that left the sports media in a tizzy. Here are the projected starters and some thoughts on each position.

It is going to be a fascinating season: Each game will be a referendum on Strong.

Texas made Orlando Sentinel’s list of most promising underdogs: A seven or eight-win season is just what Charlie Strong needs this year.

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Bob is still going strong: Stoops is happy and it looks like retirement isn’t in the cards for a while. (So sorry, Horns.)

The Bears have a new babysitter: Jim Grobe has the most awkward college football coaching gig in the country.

Tech QB Patrick Mahomes is the future of the spread offense: Be afraid, be very afraid.

Wide Right Natty Lite ranks conference play in week #1: Oklahoma is better than everyone and the Jayhawks will get a victory this year.

Urban Meyer thinks Cincinnati should join the Big 12: Cincinnati has connections to Texas history and they have chili. What more do you want?

The college football playoff works better than the BCS: It is working but more issues remain for the CF Playoff committee this year.

Stats, stats and more stats: Alabama has the best shot of winning it all again and Kansas has the best shot at going 0-12.

Aggypedia! Fabulous work from some very funny guys.