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Daily Round Up: Big 12 Expansion Watch

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What are the stories we need to follow in fall camp?

Shane Buechele is ready to step up to the role of QB.

Malik Jefferson is one of ESPN’s top 100 college football players as he settles into the role of star.

Everyone relax! Paul Finebaum thinks Strong’s job is safe.

Mack Brown couldn’t help himself but the Aggies made this way too easy. Brown takes a shot at the Ags women’s clinic.

Cat Osterman will be enshrined in the Little League Hall of Excellence.

This is embarrassing. UT needs to hire someone who knows Latin before erecting a monument.

So expand or not to expand, that is the question.

What are the key questions in the expansion discussion?

So, what exactly is the pushback on expansion from our network partners? ESPN and Fox are not going to pay full price.

The Big 12 network needs to rethink distribution.

Another day, more so-called experts on who should join the conference.

Some other stuff.

Position-specific trainers are changing the recruiting game.

There are new rules for coaches recruiting players on social media. Too bad this doesn’t include fans.

Chad Morris is building his program with Texas players.

It looks like Muschamp inherited another sh&%$#*& when he took over from Steve Spurrier at South Carolina.