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LOOK: Texas coach Matt Mattox hosts OL barbecue as reward for summer work

What better way to build relationships with the big guys in the trenches than to feed them?

Matt Mattox (right) with his offensive line this spring

A tough summer of offseason conditioning workouts earned the Texas Longhorns offensive linemen a quite a feast on Wednesday, as position coach Matt Mattox hosted his players for a barbecue and some old-school Nintendo action.

Mattox served chicken, sausage, and several types of pulled meat. Anyone else feeling hungry now?

The team also took some time to pose for a group picture.

Lot of big dudes there, but how massive is junior offensive tackle Tristan Nickelson, who just completed a summer that saw him win dominate the heavyweight division of the “Battle for the Belts”?

Then it was time for Mattox to fire up his old Nintendo for some Tecmo Bowl and Duck Hunt action. Even his young daughter got involved.

Known as a much more relatable figure than former offensive line coach Joe Wickline, Mattox is working hard to ensure that his players get rewarded for their hard work and have the type of team chemistry that is crucial at the position group that perhaps requires more coordination than any other on the field.

So far so good, it appears.