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Texas new-look football equipment will once again provide the smooth, yet flashy touch

What else would you expect from the ‘Horns?

via @UTexasEquipment

The 2016 Texas football season is now less than a month away and the last few additions to the new-look Longhorns wardrobe have been unveiled. Whether it’s the wide variety of shoes, seemingly endless face mask options or just those beautiful jerseys, it’s all a sign that football is just right around the corner.

But while we wait, let’s all take a second to admire from the 2016 Longhorns are lucky enough to wear for the upcoming season.

Though the orange jerseys were displayed in June, freshman safety Brandon Jones took to Twitter to show off his Texas gear and future number.

Texas players certainly won’t be in any shortage of cleat options:

Much of the same can be said for the variety of gloves they will have to choose from:

And then of course, you can’t play the game without pads and footballs:

Sure, it may not be Oregon-level flashy, but this is Texas and the clean jersey design has become a staple in college football, bit if you ask Vance Bedford, Texas’ white uniforms are among the most impressive in the nation.

“I mean, if a uniform is going to make you a player -- I think when we wear our whites, it's as pretty as any uniform out there," Bedford said back in 2014.

"When the University of Texas walks out there, with that logo and that uniform, you know who they are. If you look at USC's uniforms, you know who they are. If you look at Notre Dame, you know who they are."