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LOOK: Texas Longhorns freshmen pick numbers as they receive their jerseys

Find out what numbers some of your favorite frosh will be wearing in 2016.

There most be no better feeling for freshmen Texas Longhorns football players than unveiling their crisp new burnt orange jerseys. Before the uniform is tarnished by grass stains, blood, and sweat, it’s a symbol of players’ hard work and sacrifices made in order to suit up for a historic program.

Many Texas freshmen shared their new jerseys on social media Friday. Now it’s time to remember their numbers for when they take the field this season or in the future.

Former No. 19, linebacker Peter Jinkens, graduated in May, so Brandon Jones will be able to wear his longtime number.

McCulloch wore No. 23 in high school and will now bear the same number in burnt orange.

Johnathan Gray wore 32 last season, but even if the running back didn’t graduate, Malcolm Roach could’ve still taken the number since he’s a defensive end.

The new freshman tight end will wear a legendary tight end number — future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez wore No. 88 as well.

Arlington Bowie product Tope Imade will keep the same number that he wore in high school.

New Orleans (La.) St. Augustin product D’Andre Christmas — who recently dropped the Giles from his formerly hyphened last name — will take over the jersey number of departed defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway

Those are some big shoes to fill, but there is a lot of optimism surrounding Christmas after his huge senior season.

Wide receiver Reggie Hemphill-Mapps has added his own hyphen, but will switch things up from his high school No. 5, which is currently worn by junior wide receiver Lorenzo Joe on the offensive side.

Defensive tackle Jordan Elliott isn’t exactly a normal type of dude — he’s 330 pounds and can run a shuttle in the 4.3 range — and so he’s decided on No. 55, a fairly uncommon choice for his position.

That’s Alief Elsik product Chris Brown on the right, who will wear No. 15 at Texas. Those sure don’t look like freshmen defensive backs, do they?

Head coach Charlie Strong’s favorite dark-horse contender in the 2016 recruiting class, defensive end Andrew Fitzgerald, wore No. 90 in high school, but is switching to No. 48 since sophomore defensive end Charles Omenihu wears that number for the Texas defense.


The new jersey numbers aren’t reflected yet in the official Texas roster, but maybe the selection process isn’t completely finalized anyways. Ryan Newsome’s departure opens up the No. 17, so it will be interesting to see if someone calls dibs on that.

So far, here’s the numbers were know from the group:

  • Safety Chris Brown — 15
  • Safety Brandon Jones — 19
  • Running back Kyle Porter — 21
  • Linebacker Jeffrey McCulloch — 23
  • Defensive back Eric Cuffee — 26
  • Defensive back Donovan Duvernay — 27
  • Defensive end Malcolm Roach — 32
  • Defensive end Andrew Fitzgerald — 48
  • Defensive tackle Jordan Elliott — 55
  • Offensive guard Tope Imade — 67
  • Offensive lineman JP Urquidez — 71
  • Offensive lineman Patrick Hudson — 73
  • Offensive tackle Jean Delance — 74
  • Offensive lineman Denzel Okafor — 78
  • Wide receiver Devin Duvernay — 80
  • Wide receiver Lil’Jordan Humphrey — 81
  • Wide receiver Reggie Hemphill-Mapps — 82
  • Wide receiver Davion Curtis — 84
  • Tight end Peyton Aucoin — 88
  • Defensive tackle Marcell Southall — 96
  • Defensive tackle D’Andre Christmas — 98
  • Defensive tackle Chris Daniels — 99