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WATCH: Texas S Brandon Jones blocks punt vs. UTEP

The freshman is emerging as a special teams force.

brandon jones texas visit
Brandon Jones
via @BlessedJones33

Even with Texas Longhorns senior safety Dylan Haines out with a neck injury, playing time wasn’t easy to come by for freshman safety Brandon Jones on defense against the UTEP Miners, so he went and made an impact on special teams:

In blocking the punt of UTEP’s Aaron Luna, Jones became the first Texas players to block a punt since Carrington Byndom did so against Texas Tech in 2012.

With more than three full football seasons in between such special teams efforts for the ‘Horns, it was good to see some signs of the old Posse emerging, the punt-block group that Duane Akina used to put together for the ‘Horns.

Jones may be a budding star in the role — he nearly blocked the previous punt, telling head coach Charlie Strong that he was so free on the play that he didn’t quite know what to do.

A notoriously quick learner, Jones made the adjustment of attacking the contact point for the punter and got Texas a short field as a result.

So maybe there’s a new Posse forming, with Jones as its leader.