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WATCH: Colt McCoy reads his letter to the Texas Longhorns football team

The words of the Longhorns legend inspired players in their huge win over the Fighting Irish.

Ahead of the season, former Texas Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy penned a fantastic letter to the team: Dear Horns.

Now, in the video below, he reads the letter in his voice after writing it in an attempt to inspire the team to pull out an upset win against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish:

It worked.

McCoy, now a seventh-year NFL quarterback with Washington, knows a thing or two about inspiration.

Interspersed with McCoy’s reading are reactions from Texas coaches and players, who all read the letter before the opening kick.

“I read this piece of paper that he gave to us, and then I went and did it,” says freshman quarterback Shane Buechele. “It was an awesome experience.”

A portion of the letter reads even better now than when it was first published:

Someday, many years from now, maybe you guys will get together and look back on your time at Texas. And you’ll reminisce about some disappointments from last season, when you lost some close games, but won some big ones. Then you’ll remember that season opener against Notre Dame, when you all realized just how talented you were, and showcased it in front the entire nation. You’ll look back and take pride in how you lifted Texas football out of the lean years and defined a new era of greatness.

“He had no idea it was going to impact us like that,” says defensive end/linebacker Naashon Hughes. “It was wonderful.”