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Texas HC Charlie Strong says S Brandon Jones is ‘someone you’ve got to get on the field’

The former high school All-American may be on pace for quite a few more reps going forward

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Following the 50-43 loss by the Texas Longhorns to the California Golden Bears over the weekend, it became plain as day that some changes now need to be made on the defensive side of the ball.

According to head coach Charlie Strong, playing true freshman safety Brandon Jones more is among the priorities.

Considering the tremendous flashes we’ve seen from Jones on special teams thus far, Strong certainly has a point.

In addition to making plays for two big tackles in kickoff coverage, Jones has become an immediate standout after blocking punts in back-to-back games against UTEP and Cal, with the latter resulting in a safety.

Struggles in the secondary prior to entering a pass-happy Big 12 slate only provide further affirmation to Strong’s claim of needing to get Jones on the field more.

Jones came to Texas as the No. 1-ranked safety in the nation and now after only three games, it appears we may start seeing much more of the Nacogdoches product on the defensive side of the ball.