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Baylor QB Seth Russell: Teams ‘are starting to steal’ the veer-and-shoot offense

So what? You mad, bro?

NCAA Football: Northwestern State at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

For some reason, Baylor Bears football players seem to believe that the veer-and-shoot offense run by former head coach Art Briles is some type of intellectual property that no one else should be able to use.

During a disastrous press conference on Monday, Baylor quarterback Seth Russell said some perplexing things, including the following take on other schools adopting the attack created by Briles.

"We run a high-powered offense,” Russell said. “Teams are starting to steal it. I'm not gonna name any names or anything."

Wide receiver KD Cannon expressed a similar sentiment while watching the Texas season opener against Notre Dame.

So we’re here to name some names — Russell is probably talking about the Texas Longhorns.

After struggling for years offensively, Texas hired offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert to run the offense that he learned from Briles more than 10 years ago and honed under former assistants like Dino Babers and Phillip Montgomery.

In 2015, the ‘Horns ranked No. 75 in offensive S&P+, but have improved tremendously this season — Texas is averaging 500.3 yards per game and scoring more points per contest (44.7) than Baylor (44.3), despite the fact that the Bears opened the season playing weak competition.

So maybe the real problem here isn’t that Texas is running the Baylor offense. Maybe the real problem here is that Texas is arguably running the Baylor offense better than Baylor.

Sorry, not sorry, Russell.

Guess what? Football is a copycat game. Deal with it.

By the way, it’s not a good look to talk about how much you love alleged rapists and how badly you feel for guys who beat their dogs on social media. Might be a good idea to chill out on that a little bit.