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Daily Round Up: College Football Is Finally Here!

It’s Charlie’s year: The team is hungry and this is the year it comes together.

The answer to this headline is YES: Will the Horns pull off an upset?

Another tale of revenge: The ND loss has haunted the Horns this past year.

One more article on Strong’s hot seat: How many wins will it take to make Charlie’s job safe?

Today isn’t all about football: Shaka Smart picked up a perfect fit for the basketball team.

Wescott talks Texas-Notre Dame on SB Nation: Plus an answer as to whether Strong has recruited an NFL-caliber quarterback. And whether he even needs to.

Read Optional.

High school football coaches are the best: Football Scoop has a great post on high school coaches and why they do what they do. It is everyhting that is good and right about America.

There are five new NCAA rules you need to know this football season: The big one is that coaches can be ejected.

Who do we thank for the greatest weekend EVER in college football? It’s here, folks. We’ll have an open threads throughout the weekend. Grab something to eat and drink and join in.