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Daily Round Up: Let Us Talk Basketball

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

What’s Trending

Defense. Or rather, not defense. Nobis60 took the words right out of our mouths.

Texas doesn’t need a coaching change, they just need to fix the defense. Strong doesn’t blame the players for the Cal performance, he blames the coaching staff. "That was on us," Strong said. "It was on us, big time."

Let us talk basketball. How far can Shaka Smart take the program this season? Texas should be very competitive in the Big 12 and make the NCAA tournament.

To Expand Or Not Expand, That Is The Question

Our esteemed lieutenant governor weighs in on expansion and for once Dan Patrick makes some sense. And in other news, we found a Baylor grad that can add.

If Houston joined the Big 12 it would help their program’s recruiting. But what happens if Tom Herman leaves and UH can’t hire another popular coach?

BYU could join the Big 12 for football only. They can’t play on Sunday and their student code of honor doesn’t mesh with the conference’s written standards. (Not that it made any difference for Baylor.)


You knew this was coming. In news that will shock no one, Art Briles is on a redemption tour and I have no doubt some school will eventually hire him.

This makes perfect sense. Baylor fans give Art Briles a standing ovation at the Rice game but they ban Shawn Oakman from attending games or entering the locker room.