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Daily Round Up: The Offense Will Only Get Better

UTEP v Texas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

What’s Trending

Michael Dickson was never supposed to be a punter.

The offense will only get better. “We'll get much better on offense,” Strong said. “It’ll be hard to slow down because we have that added dimension where we can run the football.”

The Conference

Is Baylor as good as advertised? The Bears finally beat a quality opponent in OSU and their run at the conference title has begun.

The Jayhawk football program needs some wins. Kansas head coach David Beaty knows that if he is to survive more than another two or three seasons at KU, the program needs significant progress.

Nice office perk. Bob Stoops gets 45 hours of private jet use every year.

The guys over at Wide Right Natty Lite have uncovered Baylor’s plan to honor Ken Starr with the newly unveiled SCUM initiative.

News that will shock no-one

Tom Herman is a leading candidate to replace Les Miles at LSU. No matter how you feel about Miles’ tenure at LSU, the man is a class act.

Art Briles is now the most popular man in the world. Sources say LSU has contacted Briles through his agent.

Jerry Jones vouches for Briles’ character. "I will vouch for him as a person," said Jones. "He's top quality as a person. I'd want my grandson, if he had the chance, to play for him."

When Sports and Culture Collide

Eastern Michigan protested the university’s response to white supremacist graffiti on campus by occupying an area behind an end zone after the game.

Those poor tress in Toomer’s Corner have been through hell.

Public Service Announcement

I don’t care who you vote for, just register and vote. Here’s a link to register.