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Daily Round Up: Is Charlie Strong On The Chopping Block?

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Chris Warren is everything Mike Gundy thought he would be. "Warren was a guy that we were in to the end with," Gundy said. "We felt like we had a chance to get him. He's grown up to be exactly what we thought he would be."

Shane Buechele is determined to get better. For a freshman, Buechele has been outstanding, and he will only get better. “It’s about progression and him getting better,” Gilbert said. “I’ll continue to say by no means do we have a veteran quarterback. You have a true freshman guy that’s three games in. He’s going to continue to grow.”

Last week, the defense just did not do their job. Strong has a lot of ideas about how to improve.

Vance Bedford is not surprised he is still the defensive coordinator. The secondary spent time this week getting back to the fundamentals and the defense is more focused.

Is Strong the next big name on the chopping block?

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Hiring a coordinator isn’t rocket science. There are some simple rules to hiring a coordinator; the most important is do not look for NFL experience.

There’s an obvious choice for the LSU. There are five good reasons to hire Tom Herman.

Will the PAC have the last laugh? PAC Commish Larry Scott is betting on cord cutting and owning content over distribution. Other conferences are tied to the old model and locked into long-term deals.

It seems Boone and Mikey have some issues. “I don’t have any conversations with Gundy,” Pickens said. Is there a rift? “I don’t know, but Mike doesn’t handle people relationships very well. And he gets mad about things. I’ve heard he’s written some notes about me that weren’t very complimentary.”