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A Game Story Recap From a Wine & Cheese Grad

The Austin wine & cheese fanbase
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Watching the UT-ND replay this morning and I heard the announcer say our peeps are normally a wine and cheese crowd. Well, as long as it is a good vintage, what's wrong with that?

It was a signature win For Charlie Strong: Texas will be ranked in the top 25 this week.

Strong told Gilbert to pound them: Sterlin Gilbert follows directions well.

"I was calm and confident in my team that we could go out and win," Buechele said.: We have a QB, everyone. Enjoy your football life.

Buechele did not look like a freshman last night: The pass rush is still a concern but this teams is “leaps and bounds” better than they were last year.

Here’s recap of that strange blocked PAT: If Texas had lost, that’s all we would be talking about today. Since we won, it is just a footnote.

Barking Carnival’s nobis60 has a great name for our offense: “The Swoo'chele Offense.” I’m going to steal that. I hope nobis60 doesn’t mind.

The Irish are still a tad bit upset about the horrible no penalty in the end zone: According to One Foot Down, EVERYONE in the non-Texas world believed that was targeting.

Lots of reaction from Notre Dame and none of it is cheery:

Alabama and Oklahoma love watching Texas play football: There were big ratings numbers coming out of Alabama and Oklahoma.

Oh, Aggy.

It seems only five things stood out about last night’s game: #5 is the best. Sing along...