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Daily Round Up: Aggie Tin Foil Hat Day

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Texas can’t be a one-game wonder: “One game does not a season make,” Strong told us. “We’re still building. We want each and every week to get better and better.” - Charlie Strong

The early offensive returns are promising: The Sterlin Gilbert hire is paying dividends.

Give that guy a raise: Gilbert was hired to save Texas.

Haters gonna hate: Those who wrote off Strong need to guess again.

ESPN has a new leader in Big 12 power rankings: Guess who.

Steve Buecheletalks about watching his son’s first Texas start: A proud dad in Tweets.

Read optional.

Bill Self has some thoughts on Big 12 expansion: “I think all our coaches agree we’ve got a pretty good deal going,” he said. “There’s no question that if the move is made it would be primarily to benefit football and we know football drives the bus in so many ways. We understand that and respect that, but we kind of like what we’ve got going now.”

It’s Aggie National Tin Foil Hat Day: It’s a Burnt Orange Media conspiracy! And even more conspiracy at Good Bull Hunting article!