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Walt Anderson explains lack of targeting call on Texas S DeShon Elliott

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The Kraken got released. And things happened.

On one of the most critical plays of the game for the Texas Longhorns, sophomore safety DeShon Elliott delivered a crushing blow to Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver Torii Hunter, Jr. in the end zone to dislodge the ball and save a touchdown.

The big hit from Elliott — who earned the nickname The Kraken in high school for his jarring tackles — came as Texas clung to a 31-28 lead late in the third quarter after allowing two Notre Dame touchdowns.

It also forced a field goal attempt that was partially deflected by Texas junior defensive end Naashon Hughes to maintain the lead.

But because Elliott hit Hunter, Jr. rather high, there were a lot of questions about why the big safety didn’t receive a targeting call on the play. Notre Dame fans were upset about the lack of a penalty call.

On Tuesday, the Big 12’s coordinator of officials explained what happened:

The hit was hard enough to leave Hunter, Jr. down on the field for several minutes. He’s now suffering from concussion-like symptoms and could miss the home opener for Notre Dame against Nevada this weekend.

Here’s wishing him the best with his recovery.