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Daily Round Up: Notre Dame Changed Texas

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Texas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

A month ago Charlie Strong said beating Notre Dame would change Texas: Is our football drought over? We certainly hope so.

Dylan Haines’ photo will live in infamy: This photo is everywhere the last two days.

Whataburger is now my favorite restaurant: Texas’ favorite fast food burger trolled Notre Dame after the loss. (Whataburger’s color is orange and they trolled UT’s opponent, not UCLA. Oh no! It’s another conspiracy against the Aggies!)

Read optional.

It’s meltdown time: Week one took out some college football pre-season favorites.

Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly’s mother will not like this story: Kelly chatted with a former porn star online then she posted it after their loss to Florida State.

Saban added another analyst to his staff: Saban now has 21 analysts, player personnel and operations staff.

At least the Aggies are more likeable than Alabama: The USA Today ranks SEC teams by likeability. Guess which two teams are at the bottom?

The Aggies are changing identities: Thanks to Chavis, the Ags have a defensive, ball-control identity.