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Daily Round Up: 2017 Has to Be Better Than 2016



The Dallas Morning News has come up with some New Year’s resolutions for Texas.

Tom Herman will go 7-5 in his first year at Texas and find that UT big cigars are demanding.

National Sign Day is one month away. Can any recruit top this announcement from last year?

The Pokes throttled Colorado in the Alamo Bowl and they may be in the run for the Big 12 title next year. “I'd be hard pressed to pick against them in the Big 12 if someone were to conduct an extremely-too-early preseason poll. The reason? Bedlam will be in Stillwater, and if Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are close to equal, which I suspect they will be next season, the home team gets my nod.”

Bob Stoops expects Auburn to pick on his less-than-stellar secondary in tonight’s Sugar Bowl. “We expect to get it,” Stoops said of the deep shots. “So they still — to go along with all of the misdirection and running game — they're going to leak people out and try to get behind you. That is always a challenge as well, not only receivers but running backs as well.”

Baylor’s bowl win over Boise State was more impressive than Kansas State’s win over the Aggies.