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Daily Round Up: 2018 Will Be The Year!

But until then....

West Virginia v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Tom Herman will mean lots of recruiting stars in 2018. “As for the 2018 class, it will be just fine. This is a great recruiting staff and Texas will be top 10 in recruiting in 2018. Why? Herman is a good and proven coach. He has a good and proven staff. It is Austin. It is the tradition. It is the commitment to greatness.”

How did Charlie Strong’s first Texas recruiting class fare? For starters, there was a kid named D'Onta Foreman. “A two-star recruit, Foreman shattered expectations in Austin in just three seasons on campus.”

Art Briles is still considered untouchable.

Why doesn’t the NCAA just leave the tournament selection process alone? Now it is even a more useless spectacle than ever before.

Before you start yelling, remember I just link the stories. Are white receivers undervalued in the NFL?

Ricky Williams avoided a possible nasty encounter with Texas police because of fame.