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Daily Round Up: One FB Coach Will Not Be Freezing His A&% Off Anymore

One good reason to never coach in Minnesota.


Sophomore guards Tevin Mack and Eric Davis Jr. put in stellar performances in UT’s win over Oklahoma State.

Are the Horns on the rise with the Tom Herman hire? The Dallas Morning News has six reasons Texas will be better or worse.

The Land Thieves could be really, really good next season. “Given the hype, maybe the Sooners should still be playing. Yet, given where this team found itself, its resurgence is unprecedented. It came despite uncountable injuries, and a few players, guys that mattered, simply calling it a career. It came despite an at-times horrendously porous defense.”

So, you are telling us there’s a chance Alabama will lose the natty this year? “Clemson’s formula is not easily duplicated. The Tigers have a rare, experienced talent at QB who allows them to get after opponents with the best run and pass schemes the spread has to offer. They have experienced and quality targets, whom he’s been throwing to for multiple seasons. At TE they have a true elite in Leggett, a legitimately solid blocker who’s devastating when flexed out and running routes.”

Clemson better not try to grab any sensitive areas on Alabama player Cam Robinson.

This has to be the best quote ever from a fired head football coach: "I won't be up here freezing my ass off, so y'all enjoy the winter."