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Official titles now in place for Texas assistants

Tom Herman’s staff is now complete, with roles set.

Tom Herman
Texas athletics

The nine assistants on new Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman’s staff are now in place, which means that Herman has now decided on official titles for each coach, a process put off until the entire group was assembled.

Here how things shook out:

No real surprises here, as reports indicated that Stan Drayton was going to hold the title of run game coordinator in addition to associate head coach, while Drew Mehringer was initially pegged as the pass game coordinator.

The only real revelation here is that Jason Washington will hold the title of recruiting coordinator, a title he did not hold at Houston. Washington is known as a solid recruiter, but not on the level of Drayton, who has other roles.

It’s a big opportunity for the San Antonio native and Texas Stat alum as the largest role of his career.

With the Cougars, Washington worked with the special teams, a task that now falls to Craig Naivar. However, Herman said that he will work with the punt team on fake punts, directional punts, and pooch kicks, but Naivar will handle all other aspects.

Naivar has spent the most time working with Herman of any coach on the staff, taking a demotion from co-defensive coordinator to come to Austin and coach special teams and the safeties.