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Daily Round Up: Tom Herman Does Not Care For Your Input

Joe Fan armchair comments are not welcome in Bellmont.

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Tulsa v Houston Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Hey you, Joe Fan. Tom Herman does not care for your armchair opinions. Tim Beck was Herman’s Plan A as OC. “Chalk that one up to a lot of misinformation on social media,” Herman said. “We’ll never be swayed by any of that because we’re privy to a lot more information than what Joe Fan is.”

Players commit to coaches, not necessarily a school. “The stone-cold truth is the most important factor in a player’s recruitment is the coach who is recruiting him.”

The men’s basketball team lost to Iowa State on the road. “The Longhorns’ carelessness with the ball spoiled a rare hot-shooting night for the team. Texas shot 53 percent from the field and a scorching 50 percent from deep. But Iowa State ended the game with 14 more shot attempts than Texas, which proved to be the difference.”

Women’s basketball coach Karen Aston got her 200th career win.

Congratulations to Lifetime Longhorn Bob McKay on his nomination to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Charlie Strong has no regrets about Texas. "I have no regrets at all, " Strong said. "There's a lot of things I would do differently, but just no regrets of being there at all and I hope the University of Texas feels the same way about me.”

Cal Athletics is in trouble due to a large amount of debt. “Cal sports are in big trouble. After completing the most expensive college football stadium overhaul ever, the Golden Bears now owe more money than any other college sports program. Hobbled by debt service payments, the athletic department ran a $22 million deficit last year and expects to end this fiscal year deep in the red.”