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DeShon Elliott Needs Some Love

Daily Round Up: October 12, 2017

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Ehlinger is the hot name right now.

“At this point, (Ehlinger)’s played really well,” Beck said. “I’m not down on Shane’s play. I don’t think that Shane has played bad. I think right now Sam is the hot name. I know all the media and the fans and everybody feels that he is the guy.”

Tom Herman’s teams are amazing as underdogs.

It’s probably going to be mentioned at least once or twice on ABC’s broadcast of Saturday’s Red River Rivalry battle: Tom Herman teams are spectacular as underdogs. And unlike a lot narratives, this one could not possibly be more true so far.

DeShon Elliott may be the Big 12’s most underappreciated player.

The Horns are ready for Baker Mayfield.

OU linebackers have some issues.

But heading into Saturday's Red River Showdown (2:30 p.m., ESPN), the Sooners have struggled to get consistent play from their linebackers, and their struggles last weekend played a big part in a loss to the Cyclones.

Defensive coordinator Mike Stoops may be fighting for his job.

The Sooner’s loss to Iowa State may give Texas a blueprint.

Brian Orakpo and Michael Griffin love cupcakes.

Texas State is playing Louisiana Lafayette at 6:30 pm tonight. Catch the game on ESPNU / Watch ESPN.