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And the Emmy Goes To...

Daily Round Up: October 16, 2017

Kansas State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Sam Ehlinger deserves an Emmy, according to Lincoln Riley.

“We got up on the quarterback once,” Riley said. “Ehlinger should’ve won an Academy Award for the one he got late. He did a great job. As a quarterback coach, I was a little jealous of it.”

Ehlinger will only get better.

Asked Saturday about his experience in his first Texas-OU game, Ehlinger said the atmosphere was incredible, losing sucked ... and ...

"I'm looking forward to the next three years."

That quote should've provided a ray of sunshine and just-you-wait to opponents for Texas faithful, who know exactly what Ehlinger meant.

The kicking game has had an impact on the season, and not in a good way.

"We were against the wind," Herman said. "And with our kicking woes recently, it wasdown by whatever we were, down by six at the time, and, no, I mean that was — didn't feel good about it being into the wind. Had we been going the other direction probably would have jogged the field goal team out."

The Horns’ recruiting is still going ahead as planned.

Nothing comes easy for Sooners this season.

SB Nation projects Oklahoma will make the college football playoffs.

The Big 12 race could be called survival of the healthiest.

It’s not like injuries didn’t matter before this season. It’s just they’re amplified over seven-week grinds like the one pulverizing the Big 12.

They’re also more acute in a conference that’s used to operating without a championship game, which means a longer regular season and a week's extra rest.

And now, Texas gets to play the other team in Oklahoma.