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Smart Texas Basketball, the Essential Guide for Texas Longhorns Basketball, is Coming Soon

We know you have been waiting. The big day will soon be here.

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The second annual Smart Texas Basketball, our preview for the Texas Longhorns basketball season, is nearly finished and will be available for download later this month. We are pretty happy and while we don't want to oversell it, we believe our book to be the finest work of non-fiction literature since Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn' The Gulag Archipelago, while being far more optimistic.

Much like last year, this e-book (soon to be available on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks) is the result of a collaboration with Jonny Brashear, otherwise known as Barking Carnival's Bitterwhiteguy. If you are a Texas basketball fan on the Internet you are already reading Jonny's work — or at least you should be. It is a great collaboration; I bring a tireless work ethic to research the tenth man off of the TCU bench, while Jonny is always pushing us to find another dick joke.

Smart Texas Basketball 2017 generally resembles our previous book. In it, we break down the Texas roster, the offense, the defense, recruiting, the non-conference schedule, and the Big 12. We dive into what went wrong last year — trying to determine how it should inform our view of the team this season — and we take a look at how shifts in the way that the NBA compensates players is changing college basketball.

As of now, the book is more or less finished; we are waiting for the formatting work and the required processing through our publishing outlets. Barring some unforeseen disaster, a late October release is in the works. Soon, you will be able to spend $4.99 to buy our e-book from Amazon or Apple. You better buy it; we are already spending the money on whiskey, tequila, and karaoke machine rentals.