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Smart Texas Basketball is available for download

Get ready for the season with the best (only) Texas basketball ebook on the market

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Photograph by Melissa Sudero

Basketball season is so close that we can practically taste it, so it is time to get ready with Smart Texas Basketball 2017. The in-depth guide to the Texas Longhorns basketball season, written by Barking Carnival's Jonny Brashear (otherwise known as Bitterwhiteguy) and Jeff Haley of Burnt Orange Nation, is available on Amazon Kindle and Apple iTunes today.

For those that pre-ordered the book, we thank you; you should now be able to download your copy. For those that did not pre-order, today is instant gratification time; simply buy the book and you can get it and read it right away.

Much like last season, we aim to cover everything we can about Shaka Smart's team. We take a look back at last season with the intent of sorting out how it should inform our view of this year. We dive into the roster in detail, talking about both the returning players and the many new contributors — most significantly Mohamed Bamba, Dylan Osetkowski, and Matt Coleman.

We look at recruiting (where Shaka Smart and his staff are making strong progress, but still have some work ahead of them), the offense, and the defense. Finally we preview every team on the schedule, looking at both the non-conference season, which features the exciting PK80 tournament in Portland, Oregon, as well as a deep dive into how we think the Big 12 will play out.

The book sells for just $4.99 USD, or 325 Rupees. It is 46,000 words long, so we feel you will get your money's worth; one Rupee buys you more than 140 words, which is one fifth of what it costs to buy a second-class ticket on a Mumbai local train.

Still not convinced? You can read an excerpt on Dylan Osetkowski. Or skip the excerpt and just read it in the book after ordering it on Amazon Kindle or Apple iTunes.

We like our book and we think you will like it, too.