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The O-Line Sucks

Daily Round Up: October 25, 2017

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

QB health is a touchy subject.

Ehlinger’s health has become a touchy topic for Herman and UT administrators. Team doctors and trainers, who do not speak to reporters, have a national reputation for being at the forefront of concussion research. The school pressed for tougher language on NCAA concussion guidelines in January 2015 at the association’s national meeting.

The offensive line is the worst in Texas’ history.

One Texas ex told me he’s seen better high school lines than this group.

Statesman writer Cedric Golden talks Baylor.

The Pokes were just waiting for that play.

Oklahoma State defensive back Ramon Richards had been waiting all game for the play. He had seen something similar on Texas' game tape, and knew it might be coming.

Basketball! What did Shaka Smart learn last season?

Smart said one personal takeaway would include being truthful with yourself about the challenges of each roster.

"There's a fine line in coaching between being optimistic and maybe not as realistic," Smart said.

Texas and A&M are exploring the possibility of playing a basketball series.

Can Kliff Kingsbury save his job?

Kevin Sumlin is swimming with the sharks.

Bob Bowlsby believes college football could have a scandal similar to what is happening in college basketball.