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Yes, We Lost To Tech

Daily Round Up: November 27, 2017

Texas Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Tom Herman was at a loss for words.

After the Friday night upset loss to Texas Tech, coach Tom Herman took questions from media members and seemed to be in a daze. As the Austin American-Statesman’s Brian Davis points out, he “was visibly shaken,” and had no reasons for a home loss to a double-digit underdog in the Red Raiders. The swaggering, swash-buckling savior from Houston doesn’t stick his chest out anymore.

Texas blew the game.

The Longhorns coast to victory without the four turnovers they committed. Calling a passing play on third and two was certainly curious, particularly in an area of the field where Texas had been going for it on fourth down throughout the night. Sam Ehlinger’s decision to throw across his body there was certainly poor, Texas’ scramble drill play has been weak all season but it was downright terrible tonight and it cost them dearly.

Herman and Sam Ehlinger explain the late-game interception.

"I tried to throw back over across my body, which you never do as a quarterback," Ehlinger said. "They never really wanted me to throw with an in-breaking route [while] rolling right."

Herman’s first season has been disappointing.

In case you haven’t heard, little brother fired their coach.

A&M may get their dream coach, unlike Texas.

Firing winning coaches rarely ends well for a school.

A reporter at The Dallas Morning News doesn’t believe Jimbo Fisher will leave FSU for College Station.

I'm going to be the last one to the Jimbo Fisher party. I don't believe he's going to A&M because I can't figure out why in the world he'd leave Florida State to coach the Aggies. Oh, I know he's mad cause fans have been giving him grief about the poor season the Seminoles are having. I know he wants a practice facility and more money for his assistants and now that he has leverage, Florida State will give it to him. The Aggies might pay him $9 million a year, well he's already rich and what is he going to spend it on in College Station. I get the feeling Jimbo is using the Aggies the same way Tom Herman used LSU and it's going to end badly for little brother. If not, I gotta write a couple of apology letters.