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Texas Got A Heck Of An AD

Daily Round Up: December 11, 2018

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TCU Accepts Invitation to Join Big East Conference - Press Conference Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

In case you haven’t heard, we stole TCU’s athletic director. Chris Del Conte is known for his detail oriented, but laid-back style.

Del Conte will win the press conference. Few people have the innate ability to make others instantly comfortable. The 49-year-old is easy-going with billionaires in the suites and those who sit in the upper deck. He even keeps a mental map of where major TCU contributors, big and small, sit on gameday.

When Texas calls, you answer.

“You only get one crack at this life, and I didn’t want to think, ‘What if?’ I didn’t want that regret,” Del Conte said in a phone conversation Saturday night. “[Texas] is one of the most iconic names in the country and in this profession. I don’t know how many chances I’ll get at this, and I couldn’t say no. The timing is right.

Texas got one of the best ADs in the country.

"Chris has the experience, vision and character that's needed for Texas to build on the Longhorns' rich legacy and to continue winning with integrity for years to come. He knows the state of Texas, supports student-athletes, understands the media landscape of college sports, and is one of the best athletics directors in the country," Fenves said.

Del Conte left Ft. Worth with an impressive legacy.

Does absence make the hatred get stronger? Students want to bring back the hate.

“Reinstate The Rivalry” is a student-led campaign being launched by representatives from both A&M and Texas who are working to bring the game back. These students represent many aspects of the student body, including student government, the Corps of Cadets, Greek life, and many other organizations. They also have the support of influential Former Students and Texas Exes, as well as vocal support from members of the administrations of both schools. Even Tom Herman has voiced his support of bringing back the game.