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Missouri QB Drew Lock responds to Texas coach Tom Herman’s alleged taunt

At least someone wasn’t ready to moralize about this.

NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Texas vs Missouri Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In the final chippy moments of the 33-16 win for the Texas Longhorns over the Missouri Tigers in the Texas Bowl, Longhorns head coach Tom Herman appeared to mock an earlier celebrations by Tigers quarterback Drew Lock:

The portion of the internet that enjoys mock outrage, particularly Missouri fans and Texas A&M fans, responded with cries that Herman’s behavior being classless.

In a moment, Herman managed to transition from a coach his players hated to a coach going too far when celebrating with them.

After the game, Lock took the situation in stride, saying that he must have been doing something right.

“There’s both sides of that. If you’re going to do that, you’re being a players’ coach, really,” Lock said. “If I was on the team, I would have (dug) it. … ‘Coach is balling with us, he’s out here having fun.’”

And then there’s the full backstory — the Tigers had been taunting the Longhorns all week, according to players and fans.

The moral of the story? Mess with Texas and you might just get the horns.