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Daily Round Up: What Took The Conference So Long?

Baylor has finally been punished.

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NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The men’s basketball team is still looking for that road win this season. Maybe they get it on Saturday in Stillwater.

Tom Herman takes a stroll down memory lane as an Iowa State coordinator: “We were up 28-7,” Herman recalled. “I remember after the game — we’d never won in Austin — I saw my mentor Greg Davis get in the elevator to go down to the locker room. I remember the look on his face.”

Just how long will it take Herman to get Texas back to the Promised Land? At least two years, according to Dallas Moning News writer Chuck Carlton. “People expecting an instant turnaround are underestimating how long it takes to build a national contender. There's a big gap between winning, say, nine games and contending for a national title.”

The woman punched by Joe Mixon said Mixon used a gay slur. I doubt Mixon’s attorney will want to use that as a teaching tool anytime soon.

And yes, you will see Joe Mixon drafted this year.

“What took so long? The conference finally drew a line in the sand. “The Big 12 Conference decided Wednesday to impose a multi-million dollar sanction on Baylor University after another recent round of stinging revelations about the extent and nature of the university's problems with alleged sexual assaults by former members of its football team.

The conference will withhold 25 percent of future revenue. "The board is unified in establishing a process to verify that proper institutional controls are in place and sustainable," Oklahoma president and Big 12 board chairman David Boren said in a statement.

Remember Ken Starr? Yes, that Ken Starr may have a new job in the Trump administration soon.