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Dylan Haines ‘messed’ with Texas QB Sam Ehlinger on Twitter. It went poorly.

This is everything.

Texas Longhorns early enrollee quarterback Sam Ehlinger is just out here trying to get his by putting in the work necessary to compete with sophomore Shane Buechele for the starting job:

Nothing wrong there, with Ehlinger even using his social media savvy to drop the #1-0 the coaches have been using that gets broken up by the dash — tweet it #1and0 and the hashtag actually functions.

Then former safety Dylan Haines decided to have a little fun at the expense of Ehlinger.

Bad idea, as it turns out, even though he says he was just joking.

Not only is Ehlinger’s memory sharp — that is the same end zone towards which Baylor quarterback Seth Russell vaulted Haines for a memorable touchdown, but Ehlinger is more than pointing out that he remembers.

He’s out there on the field doing just what he said he was doing.

Also, for posterity’s sake, here was Russell’s remarkable play:

To the credit of Haines, Russell is quite an athlete and was ready for Haines to go low on him.

"I was a high jumper in middle school," Russell said after the game. "During the scouting report we knew 14 [Haines] liked to go low. That's just the way that he tackles. He's a great open-field tackler and he just goes for your legs. We talked about it all week, if he's open-field he's probably gonna go low. I just kinda outsmarted him I guess."

Perhaps Russell knew about the proclivity of Haines to go low from some other rather infamous footage.

So... yeah.

By the way, the hurdle to start the hurdles was heading towards the other end zone, but did happen on the same hash. Rough hash there for Haines.

Of course, Quandre Diggs wasn’t gonna miss out on the party:

And, for the record, former Texas cornerback Bryson Echols wasn’t having any of Haines saying that he was “joking.”

As usual, condescension is the name of the game for Haines. No surprise there.

Maybe next time he’ll know better than to get into Twitter wars with Sam Ehlinger, no matter how “good-natured.”

Dude’s troll game is on point. And you don’t want Quandre coming out you either.