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Daily Round Up: Will Allen Go Pro?

Four million might be an incentive.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Will Jarrett Allen go pro after this season? "The two or three or four NBA scouts I trust the most have him between about 17 and 23 [in the first round]," Fraschilla said. "Now that’s about four-plus million dollars over the three-year deal. And it’s a tough decision because if it was my son, I’d probably tell him to go to the NBA because of the money involved.”

The men’s basketball team will wear KD’s new Nike shoe against Kansas on Saturday.

The Horns will make a big leap next season. According to Sports Illustrated, Tom Herman will put the icing on Charlie’s Strong cake.

Texas football team’s new media team has been working.

Mike Perrin said that the Texas-A&M game would happen someday. There’s also something about a future water feature in the locker room?

A Yell Leader wannabe produced this video about the A&M-Texas rivalry.