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Daily Round Up: Hey Mulkey, Shut The ———— Up.

Sometimes it is better to stay silent than to say something so incredibly stupid.

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NCAA Womens Basketball: Texas at Baylor Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

What could have been? This year’s basketball season disaster rests at Shaka Smart’s door. The team is miles away from a Big 12 title.

But as for right now, Texas is what it is — a program masquerading as a potential threat to Kansas with little to show for it.

The women’s basketball team ended on a high note.

Charlie Strong is focusing on his career rebirth at South Florida.

There is a new level of comfort. There is no shadow mafia of boosters out to get him. Perhaps it’s because he is back “home” in the state where Strong has spent 15 years of his coaching career.

The men’s golf team is playing in Los Cabos and they are in a tie for first place. Kudos to the guys for being able to concentrate in Cabos.

Gotta love Barry Switzer. Switzer has some fun with Baker Mayfield’s arrest.

‘Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze is not coming out of this unscathed.

According to the NCAA, Freeze “violated head coach responsibility legislation,” which is a fancy way of saying that, even if Freeze wasn’t directly involved in any of the violations, it’s his football program, and he’s ultimately responsible.

Baylor (and best damn school in America) women’s basketball coach told people to punch parents in the face who are concerned about the Bear’s sexual assault scandal.

This song is dedicated to every Baylor apologist: