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Daily Round Up: Damn it, Briles

It’s hard to take the scapegoat claims seriously now.

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Texas v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The basketball team may not be doing as well as we would like, but The Nightowls will perform at the Iowa State game on February 8th.

ESPN has Texas at no. 5 in the Big 12 recruiting class ranking. Considering the talent Strong left behind, Herman should have a lot to work with next season.

"Those are some bad dudes," Briles reportedly said after a female student-athlete was gang-raped by five players. "Why was she around those guys?"

Oh, Art....

Here are the five big take-aways from the latest Baylor revelations.

In news that shock no one, Art Briles was actively involved in covering up the sexual assaults. The information coming out just gets worse and worse for Briles. “Hard to build a case that someone is spreading vicious lies about you when your purported text messages with Baylor athletic department officials support the narrative of the last 18 months, culminating the most disgraceful period in school history.”

The NCAA is unlikely to punish Baylor harshly, even though there is more and more evidence that the athletic department was complicit in the cover up of sexual assaults. “Jeremy Jordan, an associate professor at Temple and the university's faculty athletics representative, said the Baylor saga includes a criminal component and a Title IX component, both of which fall outside the NCAA's jurisdiction.”

The Bear’s scandal will leave a lasting stain. “An alum I greatly admire, a dignified gentleman who's lived through most of the athletic department's highs and lows, asked me how long it would take his beloved alma mater to get over this. When I hesitated, he said, "Ever?" No, friend, not in your lifetime. Not mine, either. This will leave a mark.

Our daily Bears reader John_Shat summed it up nicely: “There’s a special room in hell with two seats. The name tags say "Bliss" and "Briles."