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Daily Round Up: Smart Gets Lots Of Time To Rebuild

There’s no expiration date on men’s basketball.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Texas Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

“Shaka Smart will be given time to rebuild the men’s basketball program. “But Smart is going to be around the Longhorns for a long, long time, and nothing that happened Tuesday was going to change that. His Longhorns showed some grit in pulling out a 65-63 victory over Iowa State, a rare high point in a miserable season, yet his security never was in question.

What’s the final grade on Tom Herman and his 2017 recruiting class?

Former Dallas Cowboy coach Jimmy Johnson believes the best high school players in the country are in Texas.

High school football coaches lobbied for Houston to hire Major Applewhite. “Though the hire was met with statewide acclaim, a private push for Applewhite to replace Tom Herman began as early as Nov. 28 last year, emails acquired by SB Nation detail.”

Realignment is the reason the Big 12 has fallen behind in recruiting. Years of turmoil played a major role.

How did college football teams recruit relative to their conference?