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Daily Round Up: Who Are The Biggest Winners & Losers of Texas College Sports?

Yes, Texas is doing just fine on the revenue front.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at Texas
Mack in happier days.
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Tevin Mack has been given a release to transfer.

Mack was the Longhorns' leading scorer when he was suspended in January for the second time this season. He was also benched for the season opener. Smart said Monday that Mack was given his release to transfer.

The Texas Tribune has the monetary breakdown of the eight public Texas universities that play in the Football Bowl Subdivision. The app looks at the finances of those eight universities’ athletic departments.

OU quarterback Baker Mayfield is very, very sorry for his public intoxication.

Bears doing Bear things.

Travon Blanchard, a senior defensive back at Baylor, is named in a protective order issued against him by a McLennan County judge, after he was accused by a woman with whom he had a relationship of multiple acts of violence against her.

Baylor still does not get it:

So unless people with those titles have all been fired or forced to resign at every other school in America in the past year -- spoiler alert: they haven’t! -- suggesting Baylor’s problems are just like anybody else’s is at best a gross minimization of the seriousness of the issue. At worst, it’s a disgusting lie rooted in denial.

Mark your calendars! Here are some key dates for football lovers everywhere.