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Daily Round Up: Damn Bears

This is not a good week for the Bears.

Baylor story in NY Times
Baylor makes the front page of the NY Times.

I get over a stomach virus and check the news...

Baylor in NY Times
Baylor in NY Times

The Bears made the front page of the New York Times last Friday!

Remember that complete waste of human existence known as former Baylor basketball coach Dave Bliss? Well, he’s back.

Bliss’s career was almost destroyed when he was caught on tape asking his players to slander Dennehy after he died. But 14 years later, he’s still lying about the young man in Disgraced, a new documentary about the murder.

And now this.

On Monday evening, KXTX-TV News 10 in Waco reported Baylor has dismissed DeMarkco Butler, who was hired just last month as the Associate Director for Football Operations.

The nature of Butler’s dismissal involves inappropriately texting a teenager. However, a school official told the television station that under Texas state laws, the individual is an adult.

Why is the men’s Baylor athletic department still a thing?