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LOOK: Meet Stone Mac, the next great Shipley WR

It’s going to be a long wait, but we’ll make it.

Texas v Oklahoma Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There’s a Shipley back in burnt orange and white with Jordan and Jaxon’s father Bob on staff with the Texas Longhorns once again, but head coach Tom Herman provided the official introduction for the next generation of Shipley talent on Tuesday at the Texas Pro Day.

Meet Stone Mac, Jaxon’s young son:

There’s no word yet on how fast he can crawl his 40-foot dash, but scouts on hand were able to confirm that he already passes the eyeball test as as future star at wide receiver.

Sources have told Burnt Orange Nation that Stone Mac has sure hands grasping his spoon and excellent short-area quickness, which he has so far been using to avoid the grasp of his parents.

There’s not a male McCoy to throw passes to Stone Mac yet, but perhaps Colt’s young daughter Brooke Lincoln will break through the gender barrier as a quarterback.

In any case, the next generation of Shipleys is now on its way.