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Daily Round Up: Spring Football Is Here


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TCU v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Sam Ehlinger has been assigned #11.

Tom Herman is very concerned about the D-line.

“We’ve got to find some defensive linemen,” Herman said. “I’m worried about that group through the winter offseason. They didn’t perform that well.

The rebuilding project has begun.

At his first team meeting, new Texas coach Tom Herman asked the room an easy but painful question: How many of his players been on a Longhorns team that had a winning record?

"Three hands went up," Herman said Monday. "That's a little bit shocking."

The women’s basketball team lost to West Virginia in the Big 12 tournament. They need to regain their confidence going into the NCAA tourney.

“We need to get home and regroup a little bit,” Aston said. “Catch our breath in a sense and refocus on how we prepared and what we did in the stretch that we won 19 games in a row. We will be ready and be better.”

Basketball recruits Rellah Boothe and Chasity Patterson made the high school WB All-American team.

The baseball team hit a three-game skid against Stanford.

“We have plenty of arms, but when it comes down to it, we still have to go out there and play,” redshirt junior pitcher Morgan Cooper said. “Everybody comes in here, whether it’s a Tuesday or a Friday, and wants to beat us more than probably anybody else in the country, and that’s just something we’ve got to handle.”

Will Shane Buechele start in 2017.