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WATCH: Shane Buechele throws 14-yard TD to Collin Johnson in Texas Orange-White game

Shane still got it.

Collin Johnson

Sophomore quarterback Shane Buechele got the White game off to an impressive start in the Orange-White game for the Texas Longhorns on Saturday by hitting sophomore wide receiver Collin Johnson for a 14-yard touchdown pass.

Buechele went 3-for-3 on the drive and showed off his typical superlative touch on the throw.

With only one deep safety on the throw in the middle of the field, Buechele knows that he has a one-on-one match up between Johnson, his close friend, going against redshirt freshman Eric Cuffee.

The 5’11 former Under Armour All-American gives up seven inches to Johnson and it shows on this play — Cuffee never has a chance on the play because the ball placement is too good.

And so good offense beats good defense.