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WATCH: Texas shows off new, high-tech football locker room

“If we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it as big and better than anybody in the country.”

The new Texas lockers
via @RobertShipley2

In the ever-escalating arms race of college football facilities across the country, the Texas Longhorns are working to ensure that boring old name plates on football lockers become as old school as leather helmets.

That’s because the Longhorns are working on installing 43-inch monitors above the lockers of each player, as football analyst Bob Shipley revealed on Saturday:

The monitors feature pictures of the player, highlights, and personal information.

“They’re state-of-the-art,” Herman said in a Monday appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter. “It’s a bit of an arms race, I think as everyone kind of knows when it comes to facilities.”

One thing that won’t be happening on those video boards above the lockers, according to Herman? Players watching Animal Planet.

On Monday, the official account tweeted out a video that takes the viewer on a virtual tour of the locker rooms to provide a look at what the upgrades will look like when completed:

Like the lockers themselves, the hallways in the football facility are receiving a high-tech makeover with a much more modern feel than the previous decor.

The locker room itself features a sitting area and graphics designed to showcase head coach Tom Herman’s emphasis on going 1-0 every day.

For Herman, who pushed athletic director Mike Perrin and president Greg Fenves to upgrade the facilities early on in his tenure, it’s not just about recruiting — it’s about the current players.

“Most people think it’s all about recruiting, but at the end of the day, I want to make sure that our players, our current players, have the best in the country to train in, the best facilities anywhere in the country and we had fallen a little bit behind in that area,” Herman said.

“To our administration’s credit, they’ve said, ‘Coach, what do you need?’ Obviously, the first thing we needed was an updated locker room. So, again, if we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it as big and better than anybody in the country.”

How far did Herman do in the pursuit of the best?

He said that he saw other programs with white doors on the lockers, so he decided that he wanted glowing white doors. The contractor for the project said that technology didn’t exist, so Herman told them that they needed to create it if they wanted to do business with Texas.

And so the company made it happen.

The goal was to create a “bright, vivacious” locker room that the players “are excited to come into every day,” according to Herman.

Based on the early returns, it looks like that is exactly what Herman and the Longhorns are going to accomplish.